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Consultation Call

What is it Exactly? How Do I Prepare for One?

15 Minute Test Drive

Your free consultation call with me will be an opportunity to test drive what it is like to talk to me. It will be less than 15 minutes long and will have an overall theme of determining if I have the skills you need to help you meet your goals. Think of it like a chance to interview me for the position of your counselor - a very important job.


If you haven’t already, checking out my About Me page ahead of time may be helpful.

What Are You Hoping For?

You’ll get the chance to give me a brief idea of what it is that is getting in your way in life right now and what you hope to get out of counseling. It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what counseling can do for you right now. Telling me what you hope for generally (what you want to be different in your life) gives me good information to get us started. While we’re talking, you’re trying to figure out if I’m a good fit for you and I’ll be trying to figure out if my skills match what you currently need. 

Prepare Ahead of Time

If you’re the type that likes to prepare ahead of time here are some questions you could be mulling over before we have our chance to chat: 


What is the main issue in your life right now?

How does this issue affect how you function? (socially, work, sleep, appetite, symptoms) 

What would your life look like if this issue wasn’t in the way?


What might you want to know about me as a counselor or counseling in general? 

Interested in knowing more about the process of counseling? 

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