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It's a unique job with unique challenges.
It's important to feel heard and supported.

For Counselors

Counseling for counselors is how we, as humans, practice what we preach. With all of your training and experience, you probably know plenty of skills, techniques, and theories. You also know it is so much easier to give all of your wisdom to someone else than to actually live by it. I can become your accountability partner who is separate from your supervisors, administrators, and close colleagues. It can be empowering to discuss what is on your mind with someone objective outside of your inner circle. It’s a unique job with unique challenges. It’s important to find someone that can hear and understand you.

I want to reach out to counselors who need a space to receive support through managing their work/life balance, tough caseloads, and their own desire to grow as an individual. 

If you're not sure if I work with your unique situation then use the opportunity of a Free Consultation to discuss the details with me. See options below to get started setting up a Free Consultation today.

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