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Couple with Mobile Phone
We are taught how to talk.
We are not taught how to communicate.

Couples Counseling

Knowing what you’re thinking, feeling, and needing is hard enough. Now, try to express all of that to someone else in a way that is clear, calm, and concise. Then, try to comprehend what the person you’re talking to is trying to say when they respond to you. Also, this is probably the most important person in your world and it’s equally important that you both understand each other. This situation could go sideways quickly if either of you misstep. We are taught how to talk. We are not taught how to communicate. And frankly, our skill deficits show in our relationships with others. 


Your relationship can be a great place of refuge when it is going well or one of the biggest sources of stress when it is struggling. I work with couples that want to learn more effective ways of identifying, expressing, and meeting needs within the relationship. Together we can level up your skills to help you improve relationship satisfaction and your overall quality of life.  


I work with a diverse group of people in a variety of life situations with some examples being;


Premarital Counseling

Marital/Couples Counseling



If you're not sure if I work with your unique situation then use the opportunity of a Free Consultation to discuss the details with me. See options below to get started setting up a Free Consultation today.

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