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Sessions & Rates

Sessions are meetings up to 55 minutes long. 

After the Free Consultation Call,

the first session is an Intake Session.

After the Intake Session,

sessions are billed for either Individual or Couples Counseling. 

Self-Pay Benefits

Freedom from labels. You do not have to get a “billable” mental health diagnosis on your chart. With insurance, we must prove that you need services and not all life situations are deemed as ‘billable’ for treatment to insurance companies. 

Privacy. Your information is more private and there is more control over what goes into your records. 

As much as you need. There isn’t an imposed limit to treatment by outside forces such as a limited number of sessions.

Choice of provider. With self-pay, you are not limited to the clinicians that are in network with your insurance. Insead, you can focus on finding the professional that is best for you.

Couple After Meeting Counseling Goals

Insurances Accepted

I am currently in the process of getting credentialed with multiple insurance companies. A list of accepted insurances (updated in real time) and a calendar for scheduling our first Free Call is available on my Headway Profile.


Loft Studio


At the end of each month I can provide you with a billing statement, upon request, if you would like to submit it for reimbursement with your insurance provider for out of network benefits. For this, some of your private information will be revealed to your insurance company and a billable diagnosis must be on your file. For questions specific about your insurance plan and out of network benefits please call your insurance company.

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