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Why Is it Named Clouds of Thought Counseling?

Fluffy Clouds at Sunrise

The word cloud can conjure up a lovely white floof ball lazily floating against a blue sky. A cloud could also darken the horizon as part of a looming storm.

Thoughts can be as varied as clouds. Thoughts can come across as light and fluffy or dark and dangerous. All shapes and sizes. The trick is in knowing what to do when you experience those different clouds. Unfortunately, we may misinterpret those clouds on the horizon and choose a reaction that may make things worse for us. We might also have no idea what tool to grab and end up under prepared for a galloping herd of heavy purple clouds coming right at us. Or, we may be over prepared as our minds misinterpreted that white fluffy cloud that wandered by harmlessly.

Ocean Storm on the horizon

With effective and healthy tools, the weather your mind throws at you does not seem nearly as inconvenient or scary. Learning how to handle clouds of thought can improve your quality of life in so many ways. If you are interested in learning how to identify and respond to your thoughts in healthy ways I've got some tools I'd love to share with you. Consider reaching out to me today about beginning services.

Family playing in mud puddles on a rainy day


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